Roberto Calabrò

Roberto in Dresden

Ph.D. Dr. Eng. Roberto Calabrò was born in Messina (Sicily, Italy) in 14 June 1981. After the achievement of the scientific high school degree (Liceo scientifico Archimede, Messina), began studying engineering at the university of Messina.  Achieved the bachelor’s degree in Industrial Technologies Engineering with a thesis on the finite element simulation of the quenching process, he moved to Milan to continue his studies in Materials Engineering at Politecnico di Milano. In 2009 he earned the master of science degree with a thesis on elastomers fracture properties under biaxial loading conditions and starts the Ph.D. course in Materials Engineering with a research project that was the natural prosecution of the master degree thesis. In 2011 he was a guest scientist in IPF Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research Dresden e.v. (Dresden, DE) for 6 months, he focus on fracture properties of elastomers under dynamic biaxial loading conditions and optical full field strain measurements using digital image correlation. In 2013 he earned the Ph.D. with merito, defending a thesis on biaxial characterization of elastomers. Currently he is a free professional experienced in management, technical sales, design support, consulences, reverse osmosis, fine porcelain stoneware (GRES) and interior design.

Among his interests can be counted: Materials mechanical properties characterization, materials fracture propagation resistance, defects stress intensification, finite (large) deformations, strains optical measurements, nanotechnologies, functionalized and composites materials, elastomers, materials technology, laboratory machines design and production, automotive.

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