Vincenzo Calabrò was born on December 2nd, 1982 in Messina (Sicily, Italy). After completing the technical high school ITI Verona Trento in Messina, he moved in Pisa where he started the bachelor course in Computer Science Engineering. In 2004 he got the degree cum laude and he started the Master course in Automation Engineering. In 2006, during a six month exchange program in TU Delft (Holland) he meet his life companion Daniella Speziali. In 2008, after he got the master degree cum laude, he started the Ph.D. course in Robotics and Automation in Pisa. During this period, he participated to many intensive courses, specializing seminaries and international projects resulting in several scientific publication and worldwide contacts. He obtained the Ph.D. in June 2012. After the Ph.D. he moved, together with the family in Kongsberg, Norway, where he worked as principal engineer of the Cybernetics R&D department of Kongsberg Maritime. In January 2017 he established the Cybertronics AS company and joined the Norwegian Subsea AS as Senior R&D Manager. In 2019 he moved back in Italy where he joined MDM Team as CTO.

Among his personal interests it is worth to mention: numerical optimization, robotics, robust and adaptive control theory, neural networks, fuzzy logic, estimation theory and embedded systems.