A Battery-Free Cellphone?

A team from the University of Washington has built a battery-free cellphone that can harness power from radiofrequency (RF) waves sent to it from a nearby base station. The phone not only harnesses the power it needs to operate from those waves, but can also place a voice call by modifying and reflecting the same […]

Python, Crossbar and Autobahn… IoT.begin()

Internet of things is defined as “proposed development of the Internet in which everyday objects have network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data”. This extreme vision requires a huge effort especially in definition of common, standard protocols to interconnect devices. Many frameworks have been proposed by several big IT companies, i.e. Microsoft Azure, Google […]

CCTronics: when Navio+ meets ROS and QT5

Introduction: In robotics and industrial application, data sharing and code reuse are important keys of success. Many efforts have been made by academic researchers to improve Robotic Operating System (ROS) functionalities to extend this middleware beyond its data sharing capability. The result can be appreciated by all the people who have the patience to compile a version and […]