Riforma del Fondo di Garanzia per le PMI e Basilea 3

Riforma del Fondo di Garanzia per le PMI e Basilea 3, qualcuno ha pensato all’effetto combinato? L’idea della riforma del Fondo di garanzia appare chiara, dare una maggiore garanzia alle società con uno scoring più basso e viceversa, unitamente alla scelta di contrastare il fenomeno della deresponsabilizzazione di alcuni (e sottolineo.. ALCUNI) operatori finanziari.  Una scelta anche […]

A Battery-Free Cellphone?

A team from the University of Washington has built a battery-free cellphone that can harness power from radiofrequency (RF) waves sent to it from a nearby base station. The phone not only harnesses the power it needs to operate from those waves, but can also place a voice call by modifying and reflecting the same […]

Why Ex-Hacker George Hotz is Giving Away Self-Driving Software – IEEE Spectrum


How Google Wants to Solve Robotic Grasping by Letting Robots Learn for Themselves – IEEE Spectrum


How a Kalman filter works

Rudolf E. Kalman left us yesterday. There are no words to explain how much this scientist contributed to the cybernetics field and what is the impact of his famous filter on our life.  Consciously or not we use KF in thousand of different applications. Yesterday a Big one left us and today many people who […]

Peculiar pattern found in ‘random’ prime numbers

Prime numbers near to each other tend to avoid repeating their last digits, the mathematicians say: that is, a prime that ends in 1 is less likely to be followed by another ending in 1 than one might expect from a random sequence. “As soon as I saw the numbers, I could see it was […]

Python, Crossbar and Autobahn… IoT.begin()

Internet of things is defined as “proposed development of the Internet in which everyday objects have network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data”. This extreme vision requires a huge effort especially in definition of common, standard protocols to interconnect devices. Many frameworks have been proposed by several big IT companies, i.e. Microsoft Azure, Google […]

WebTorrent Desktop – welcome into the torrent future

WebTorrent Desktop is an open source software capable of combining a torrent client with a streaming video player. You can combine such a software with AirPlay, Chromecast, and DLNA… Has a super easy interface and a modern design… For further information take a look to the project webpage: https://webtorrent.io/desktop

Sabrina Gonzalez Pasterski: an outstanding young physicist

After graduating from the prestigious MIT, Sabrina Gonzalez Pasterski, 22, is pursuing a Ph.D. at Harvard and has uncountable job offers, including one from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and NASA, and when attending a school where a large number of students are considered brilliant, she stands out as “the next Einstein.” Pasterski studies black-holes, the nature […]